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This is the official wikia for the most super awesome game ever:!

You can play it here: agario private server

What's about?Edit is a multiplayer browser game with the domain extension ".io". Similar to other .IO games, does not require an account and players can jump into the game and play directly. is about zombie vs humans. Either stay alive as humans, or infect others as zombies. GameplayEdit

Controls: Arrow keys / WASD (Movement)

If you are human, survive as long as possible.

If you are zombie, try to infect all humans.

When you are a human (in the starting 85 seconds of the game, before the zombies come), you have to barricade yourself with things you find around, such as tables, chairs, and even a truck. And there are always boxes and other things to move around. You could just hide in a bush and hope for the best.

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